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Concentrated Sprint

Longwen Education International Study Tour-a high-end personalized education brand, is an international experiential education model for elementary and middle school students aged 8 to 18, to meet students 'multiple choices, focusing on cultivating students' innovative spirit and ability, and leading students in person Experiencing the exotic atmosphere, broadening the international perspective, improving English level, cultivating future elites with Chinese soul and international perspective, laying a solid foundation for the development of students, is a successful exploration of the internationalization of Longwen education and education ...
Concentrated Sprint
Concentrated Sprint

Intensive Sprint Coaching


Long Wen Sprint Coaching8 advantages

1、Flexible schedule

2、Teacher Long Wen chooses you

3、Family education consultation, education examination information sharing, entrance examination guidance

4、Six-step exclusive course method

5、Self-study and tutoring in class, high efficiency during and after class

6、Psychology teachers communicate regularly to stabilize their mentality, stimulate motivation, and slow down the occurrence of bad emotions

7、Weekly general subject evaluation and test paper analysis to discover learning problems and loopholes in a timely manner

8、Weekly return visits allow parents to understand the situation of students, rest assured, assured, worry-free, and communicate with zero obstacles in one lesson-step by step, simplifying complexity! Re-implementation-error correction, talk a little bit! Re-consolidation—combination of speaking, training, and examinations, regular inspection of key reviews, streamlining exercises, and checking for omissions!

Target of enrollment:

Artistic Sprint Candidates

Candidates facing sprints in various selective examinations (Xiaoshengchu, middle school, college entrance examination)

No students found on campus

Parents are too busy to look after their children or helpless students

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