20 years focused on one-on-onePersonalized tutoring in primary and secondary schools

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About Us

  Shenzhen Longwen Education is affiliated to Beijing Longwen Education Group. Longwen's "one-on-one" personalized teaching concept is gradually recognized and respected by thousands of students and people of insight from all walks of life. Long Wen's training goal is to make students learn, study, and learn well. The school's philosophy is to "treat your children as our own children." For many years, facing the students in the middle and high school entrance examinations, Longwen cooperated with families, schools, and society to form a joint force of education, cultivate students' diligent learning and behavior habits, improve their learning ability, and gradually form a theory of value with the core of thinking The three perspectives of thinking theory and methodology unify the teaching concept and develop intellectual potential through non-intellectual factors. In the teaching process, the implementation of targeted teaching, the implementation of "first-line teachers 1 to 1 orientation method guidance + first-line outstanding teachers throughout the training" training mode, has achieved great success.
  The essence of Longwen culture is "people-oriented, cultural people". Longwen education is based on improving student achievement, based on teamwork, and aims to give back to society. Adhering to the concepts of the Chinese civilization dragon culture and the great educator Confucius, "there is no teaching, no class, teaching according to his aptitude", we have developed into companies that employ talents, use talents, use talents, and strive for practical results. Today, Longwen has come to Shenzhen to further learn from the Shanghai style culture of "Hainanchuanchuan, compatible and eclectic", courageously face challenges and seek development in continuous innovation. In the current booming market economy and the acceleration of the industrialization of education, Long Wenren is committed to creating a new type of education and training institution that combines social benefits, corporate benefits, and employee benefits. Long Wen adopts institutionalized management to encourage employees to endure hardships, be brave in challenging themselves, and constantly innovate. The ultimate goal is to build a strong faculty and cultivate a group of modern management talents. We call on each Longwen person to use his own hard work to build a permanent corporate reputation and win the trust of students, parents and partners from all walks of life. Ten years of trees, one hundred years of people, education is closely related to the prosperity of the country. As a private enterprise, we will keep in mind the responsibilities we shoulder as educators. Long Wu Jiu Xiao, the world of writing, Long Wen has a long way to go to teach the country and serve the society.

Teaching model


龙文"1 to 1" refers to the tutoring of a student by an educational institution. In addition to the rapid improvement of student performance in a short time, personalized tutoring is more important in the process of personalized teaching. Learning interest. Only excellent teachers can give students a truly suitable learning method and cultivate a good learning habit; only excellent teachers can use students' limited time for weak links in learning. This kind of personalized and humanized counseling method reflects the respect that Longwen School respects each student's personality.

A set of teaching system serves a student's "one-on-one" personalized counseling, which is a process of "diagnostic lessons"-"personal counseling"-"periodical diagnostic testing"-"personal counseling", which is a continuously circulating system.

"Diagnosis Class": Every student who comes to Longwen will have deep communication with the tutor. Through individual features such as language expression, problem-solving ideas, behavioral methods, etc., Longwen teachers will systematically check and comprehensively evaluate the students. Initial diagnosis, in order to formulate an efficient teaching method and learning plan suitable for individuals, and teach according to their aptitude to achieve the teaching purpose, so that the goal of student participation in coaching can be achieved faster and more efficiently.

"Personal counseling": Comprehensive counselling for a student by a full-time teacher, including learning methods, learning attitudes, course induction, key summary, question answering, psychological guidance, etc. The entire personal counseling process is the process of correcting students' poor learning methods, which can fully mobilize their enthusiasm for autonomous learning, cultivate students' learning interest, and guide them from passive learning to active thinking through Longwen teachers' planned and step-by-step guidance. Change, attitude change, determines the effectiveness of the final counseling for a student.

"Regular diagnosis and testing": A tutoring summary is done in a learning cycle, which is mastered by Teacher Long Wen. A tutoring cycle plan can be formulated according to the learning situation of students. The tutoring summary can be completed through student assessment and teacher-student communication. Periodic diagnostic testing is an advantageous way to test the effectiveness of "one-on-one" individual counselling, and it plays a role of supervision and feedback on personalized counseling.

An education concept makes a student "It varies from person to person, Teaching students according to their abilities , comprehensive education " is the central idea of "1 to 1" throughout Long Wen. In the context of China's reform and opening-up and the country's vigorous promotion of quality education, the level of academic performance is still a yardstick for testing teaching quality. A set of teaching methods and management models that teach students according to their aptitude can maximize students' thinking ability and create wealth.

Yang Yong, the principal of Longwen School, believes that academic performance is a reflection of learning ability. The basis of 1-to-1 personalized teaching, It is only natural to find out the students' learning problems, follow the teaching according to their aptitude, and provide tailored learning methods to achieve the goal of improving academic performance.

A teacher team tutors a student Teachers are the key to the success of learning plans and coaching strategies and achieve good results. For 1 to 1 personalized teaching, how the teacher's level directly affects the tutoring effect on individual students.

Long Wen's teacher team consists of education consultants + psychologist + learning manager + first-line teacher + key senior school special teacher + check Composition of experts. After years of development and precipitation, Longwen School has formed strict teacher selection standards: graduated from key normal universities, has many years of rich teaching experience in middle and college entrance examinations, has made achievements in their respective professional fields, and has unique teaching guidance Methods, vivid images of lectures make students remember deeply, etc. These conditions are indispensable for Long Wen's famous teacher system. Longwen School recruits teachers with a high salary of 120,000 a year. The threshold for teacher selection is very high. Young teachers account for 80% of the total teaching staff, and all teachers in the third and third grades come from the junior and high school graduation classes of urban key middle schools. The combination of high-quality teachers and the original teaching mode has achieved an excellent record of 30-100 points in single subjects for Longwen's famous teachers.

Students can choose the appropriate teacher guidance according to their subject requirements. Each discipline chooses a professional teacher. The professional teacher formulates a detailed study guidance plan for them, and fully arranges the student's study time in each subject. At the time when the new curriculum reform policy was implemented, the Longwen School teacher team changed officials, gathered front-line in-service teachers with experience in the new curriculum reform, high-experience teachers who can understand the direction of examination guidance under the new curriculum reform policy, and the school organized a teacher teaching and research team , Hire experts from the Ministry of Education for teacher training, and strive to create extra-curricular tutoring training areas To expand the direction of extracurricular training. Grasp first-hand test information and escort students' sprints.


  • We have a positive attitude and we will never compromise on the road to dreams

  • The unity of knowledge and action, the rejection of invalid dreams, education must be implemented

  • Strictly disciplined self-polishing, quality teaching is guaranteed

  • Diligently, education is a work of conscience