20 years focused on one-on-onePersonalized tutoring in primary and secondary schools

Long Wen One to One · Personalized Coaching


Breakthrough in knowledge analysis capabilities, emphasize method breakthroughs in regular simulation testing, check for missing knowledge, and make knowledge organized

Peiyou make up the difference

Cultivate students 'learning interest, highlight the application of basic knowledge, cultivate students' self-help thinking ability, and master flexible test-taking methods

Career Guidance

Teach problem-solving skills, improve learning efficiency, grasp key points of knowledge, open up new ideas, and jump out of the sea


Fall class

New semester bridging

Xiao Shengchu

College planning

Entrance Examination

Target school orientation

College Entrance Examination

Full true volunteer report

Start School

One-on-one custom coaching

Personalized coaching is more suitable for different needs

Longwen 1v1CustomizedCoaching Process

6 sessions of 1-on-1 coaching

Diagnose Problem
Planning Objectives
Custom Solutions
Match Teacher
Follow-up Coaching
Real-time Feedback
Judging before class, finding the crux of the subject is the key
Combined with the evaluation results, the score gap is set to improve the goal in stages
Develop exclusive learning programs based on the improvement goals and subject weaknesses
Matching students to find more suitable teachers
Adjustment of lesson plans before class and answer questions after class
Phased learning feedback, changing the teaching plan in real time according to the child's learning situation.

Professional teacher team

Customize your own learning plan for your child

Longwen Education's one-on-one personalized counseling is a series of processes such as "diagnostic lessons", "personalized counseling", "periodical diagnostic tests", and "personalized counseling". It is a continuous loop teaching system.

Also a teacher and a friend

Tong Jiahong

Graduated from Guangdong University of Finance
Junior high school Chinese teacher
It is better to teach people to fish.

Huang Qingyang

Junior high school math teacher
The Best or Nothing.

Liu Qianqian

Graduated from Zhejiang University of Technology
Lectures explain profound theories in simple language and are good at mobilizing students' learning interest

Tang Teng

Guangxi Normal University Master of Physics

High school physics teacher

Learning high as a teacher, as a fan, interest is the best teacher.

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